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Aloeswood Incense by Nippon Kodo

Aloeswood Incense by Nippon Kodo

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A staple of the sensory experience of Sushi Noz, the burning aroma of this incense sets the mood for diners as soon they enter the restaurant through our slatted wooden doors.  

Nippon Kodo has been in business in Japan since 1575 - tracing its origins to a skilled artisan, Koju, who concocted speciality aromas for the Emperor of Japan. After centuries in business, they are widely respected around Japan as masters of their craft.

This particular incense is called Aloeswood, and has a rich, wooden, earthy smell that evokes relief and relaxation. The box contains 40 sticks, as well as a mini ceramic holder. Each stick burns for approximately 25 minutes.

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